Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cakes and carpentry

Two things have dominated Trupti's life and mine over the last 4 months. Cakes and carpentry. Trupti is always making cakes and pastries and cookies. And I am making tables  and racks and other small carpentry items. Its a way of releasing the pressure off my mind.
Chocolate cake
 The cakes help T take her mind off the constant attention that the kids need. Its been 4 long stressful years for the both of us and still there is no hope of the pressure being off any time soon. Its always busy all the time at home. No time to sit back.
Dining Table and easel
In addition I have had a lot of worried nights thinking that my own technical edge (for which I get paid a lot), is starting to get blunt off late. And I have been worried sick over that kind of uncertainty. Nothing beats tension like a healthy dose of physical activity. And I have actually come to be addicted to it now. One of my most ambitious project was completed last month. It was unique tale design which involes no separate frame and top, but instead has a unified body. the legs of the table are mounted directly on the top which has to be extra strengthened. And in addition I tried to use all the recycled plywood from last years creations (baby beds). This was a big challenge since the pieces were in all odd shapes. So the additional cost was kept low and I made this table in under Rs. 10000. The time frame was around a month+.