Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 summary

1. The stork (Dr. Patankar and helpers), brought us a bunch of kids.
2. Office got real boring all year round.
3. Bored of air travel.
4. Football on Sundays was revived, thank God.
5. Finally quit Tieto
6. Life now revolves around B & T, their bottles, diapers and their smiles. They did good so far, no cry, sleep at night, pretty good for someone who is 5 month old.

आई आणि बाबांनी फार मदत केली मागचे दोन वर्ष.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wikileaks: proves Americans are scared of their government

I used to think America is where there is a highest level of freedom of expression. Seems otherwise actually. After the wikileaks started showing a lot of govt official conversations, the US govt has threatened to "kill" Julian Assange. Nothing surprising there. But, companies like Amazon and Apple chickening out is more amazing. Looks like the citizens of America are indeed afraid of "big brother" :-)
Amazon: removed wikileaks from their servers after govt pressure
Apple: removed Wikileaks App from their store under similar fear I believe.
Sometime I think media in India is far more free from direct fear, they just go ahead and say what the hell they want to. Sometimes even condemning persons before an enquiry. Its called "trial by media" these days.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new beginning again

After a break of 4 years, I have decided to make another new beginning in my professional career. This time I will work for a startup with a foot in the world of banks and their customers.
Its been a long and well thought of change this time. Not impulsive like I usually do. I have been trying to probe into what kind of person I am and what job would keep me excited. I don't have a very definitive answer but I am going to give this a positive shot.
Trupti has been very supportive and I have promised her more support with baby-sitting and allowing her to get a few hours more per day to do something else. On the whole, i feel a little relieved and pleasantly excited about whats coming up from Feb/March next year. I will miss the people in Tieto the most. The work was not exactly to my best liking although there was definitely plenty of travel and exposure to all kinds of business situations. too bad I am not such a good "manager" after all.
So with optimism in my heart I move forward.