Tuesday, April 29, 2008

पहिली मराठी ब्लॉग एंट्री - पेरियार होटल

आम्ही पेरियार्ला पोचलो तेव्हा तिथे खुप पूस चालू होता, तृप्ति होटल वाल्यंशी खुप भांडून भांडून कीमती खली अनाय्ची,
हा व्यू आमचा होटेल्चा मागचा बालकनी मधला आहे।
पेरियार ला आम्ही २ दिवस होतो। तेव्हा पर्यन्त खुप हिंडून जाला होता केरला मधे। घराची ओढ़ लागली होती जरा.

Goa and a charming girl

I found Trupti in a good mood inspite of a warm night with some mosquitoes bothering us in Hotel Belo Horizonte in Miramar beach, Panji.
The simple arched architecture of the building impressed me to quite and extent. The out paint was a simple white and borders of green. The street beyond was kind of quiet inspite of being just 5 minutes from the Panji city center.
We were on a longer trip down south to Kerala and Goa was just a stop over that time.
This picture was taken in November of 05'

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trupti roaming in Copenhagen

September 07
Trupti was haing a great time roaming around Copenhagen. She was a like a woman on a mission to walk every single road and garden in the Danish capital city.

Pensive in periyar lake

We were in a ferry inside the lake in Periyar wildlife sanctuary. we saw some very nice views of the jungle but no animals.
Plus one of the tourists threw a plastic bag in the water and Trupti got the blame for it. This picture was taken in Nov 2006

Squash, if not played correctly

A few months back, I happened to play sqaush and this was the outcome one evening. I also am thankful that our eyes are located inside sockets and so most of the impact was taken by the nose bone and cheek bones on either side.
Luckily I was back at work in a couple of days although I was seeing everything in cinemascope.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coorg in December

Me and Trupti travelled to Coorg in Dec 2007 and here's an intresting picture from there. Its our third road trip. I'll follow up with more pics from Rajasthan, Kerala, Copenhagen and Norway soon.