Monday, June 25, 2012

Policing employees

Employment to me is a healthy exchange of value. I will offer to the company as much value as is possible from me. The company
offers in return a value in a different form namely money. I now work in a company which polices its employees. When to do what, see what, hear what and so on. I hate that. I work on the pure principle of exchange of value at the point of sale. How I procure that value is to be left to me, just as I don't ask the company to divulge how it gets the money.
In a classic IT services company, its a bad precedent to allow unlimited internet access and later police it. Its silly either ways. Because abuse is going to be a headache at certain point anyways. The question is not what others should do but what I would like to do. I cannot be policed like a big brother. I do not do illegal activities, do not waste my employers resources, give my best value back and yet get herded along with other riff-raff. That is what pisses me off completely. The loss of freedom for no good reason.
All over the world today, as always, people are busy making other people see it their way. Dictators in Syria, Zimbabwe, North korea, internet censorship in India, ban on pirates, green, saffron etc etc... same obsession in new bottle century after century.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Angst against Microsoft

Somehow over the years I have developed a certain angst and disgust towards Microsoft as a company. Perhaps it was their monopolistic killing of competitors or their vastly overpriced and unimaginative products or their arm twisting of the PC manufacturers. Somehow Apple, itself being fully proprietary company itself does not invoke such a disgust from me. Perhaps because at least they innovate and earn their position as leaders and braggarts. MS has only being strangling others to stay ahead. And that is what draws me to Open source. Just the sheer feeling of mutual helping and no barriers. (so long as you have read the GPL-2). I dont think I will ever purchase a MS product ever by choice or with my own money. For years I have bought laptops with no OS, but they come as few and rare.

कधी कधी वाटतं की अमेरिका मध्ये राहिलो असतो तर latest gadgets पटकन विकत घेतली असती मी. इथे भारतात खूप वेळ लागतो आणि येतात ते dollar च्या रेट मुळे फारच महाग असतात. गूगल मध्ये मराठी ट्यपिंग आता खूप सोप्प झालं आहे. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Got to travel this year

Its been more than 3 years now that me and Trupti have had no meaningful travel and ambling along the roads of India. I dont know how we are going to do that with 2 kids in tow but so far my gut feel tells me that they love to travel and would enjoy it the most. fingers are crossed