Thursday, July 9, 2015


This year's Pachgani trip was all about walking to Tableland plateau each and every of the 5 days we were there. Also it was the first time I used Airbnb to book a flat. It was really quite nice and very affordable since we were there for a full week. It was also our first official trip with the kids and without any domestic help

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bitcoin - another wonderful opportunity that will pass me by

Bitcoin is a rapidly growing non-country specific digital currency that taken the world's economists by storm. Since it does not belong to one country no one can govern or control it. The acceptable is growing rapidly and soon we all are going to have to live with maintaining a bitcoin account too. particularly if we are travelling abroad.. Also bitcoin mining has gone crazy and there still is opportunity there. Hardware is fairly cheap and just like when I had predicted the rise of Android, in the next 3 years, I will be sitting back and wondering why I never set up a bitcoin mining company. :-)
I see stuff quite early but dont do anything about it. Only about one thing I am quite sure. In India living in rural places with a fair amount of city like facilities is going to become quite popular. The reverse migration of the rich from the cities will happen in the next 10 to 20 years. Thats when I will select where to go. No point in choosing a country house now and later not really liking it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

a sad day for Music lovers

Flipkart has shut down its Flyte MP3 store citing music piracy in India as a reason. Its a sad day for me personally since I was one of the biggest fans of Flyte. I dont know what to do to buy legal music in India now. damn
update: On that note, today will be dedicated to hunting down old and nice Hindi music and downloading the damn thing.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sikkim's south east corner

me and T went to Sikkim's south east corner last month (Rumtek). For 6 days we trekked in the hills around Gangtok. As a town Gangtok itself is grubby and to be avoided by all nature lovers. The hills around it are magnificent and the air's great for walking even in summer. It rained sometimes but not so much as to bother us in any of our "us" activities.  It was a long deserved break from the kids. Its great that our parents agreed on taking care of the kids back home. Here's a gerat collage of the pictures from the trip.

The lake's called Tsongo and the ride up there was quite an experience. Camera: My trusty old Nikon D3100

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cakes and carpentry

Two things have dominated Trupti's life and mine over the last 4 months. Cakes and carpentry. Trupti is always making cakes and pastries and cookies. And I am making tables  and racks and other small carpentry items. Its a way of releasing the pressure off my mind.
Chocolate cake
 The cakes help T take her mind off the constant attention that the kids need. Its been 4 long stressful years for the both of us and still there is no hope of the pressure being off any time soon. Its always busy all the time at home. No time to sit back.
Dining Table and easel
In addition I have had a lot of worried nights thinking that my own technical edge (for which I get paid a lot), is starting to get blunt off late. And I have been worried sick over that kind of uncertainty. Nothing beats tension like a healthy dose of physical activity. And I have actually come to be addicted to it now. One of my most ambitious project was completed last month. It was unique tale design which involes no separate frame and top, but instead has a unified body. the legs of the table are mounted directly on the top which has to be extra strengthened. And in addition I tried to use all the recycled plywood from last years creations (baby beds). This was a big challenge since the pieces were in all odd shapes. So the additional cost was kept low and I made this table in under Rs. 10000. The time frame was around a month+.

Monday, December 24, 2012

wrap up of 12' - NW Karnatak & east Goa

Our babies grew fast. they are real kids now. demanding even more attention and causing more raucous at home and school. Last month we got them admitted to the Millennium school which has fees which only the uber rich can pay. which means one of the two: either I am uber rich or I am downright crazy. Anyway whats done is done.
In nov me and the wife had some nice days off in Karnatak/Goa area. we went to a place called the Hermitage resort. and then to a hotel Dudhsagar resort. both beautiful places. but Trupti had some of her clothes stolen in dughsagar resort (?!). She's been whining about some lost skirt ever since.

In both places we found a lot of time to relax and take a moment away from the heavy lifting of twins at home.

Travel in general was restricted to either Panchgani to our favourite Prospect Hotel owned by the very nice and professional Iranis or the corporate resort style "the meadows" resort in Aurangabad. That trip was back in August or July or something like that. again 4 days of sheer laid back beer, swim, sun and s. Not a bad year for someone with twins below 2.
Bye bye 12'. Hope that 13' too rings a lot of travel and new interest. what's up on 13'? It has to the rann of kutchh of course. for too long and too lengthy I have only talked about it. time for action.

Monday, July 2, 2012

importance of HTML5

In today's world its become hard to bet on any one technology on the client devices. The world loves iOS and Android on mobiles and tablets, loves Windows 7, Mac on desktops today. In the next year there will be a untested new Windows 8 and windows 8 RT with a different chipset. Who knows but Chrome OS might catch on in some places. Developing dedicated client programs or apps that are too far tied into any of these proprietary APIs is a risk I believe. Having a OS friendly native skin on top a core HTML5 app seems to be like the best bet for a new entrant as of today. Companies like my current employer bet the farm on Windows specific .Net client applications might just find themselves locked out of future innovative devices. Like for example if suddenly a potential customer wants a big support for iPads and Android tablets along with the future Windows RT "tablets". Then many of our current gen solutions are rendered not usable. Having said that, at least from now onwards when large investments are made, this should be kept in mind and a safe and generic approach of HTML5 should be adopted.
Time will tell if my stance is vindicated.