Thursday, May 30, 2013

a sad day for Music lovers

Flipkart has shut down its Flyte MP3 store citing music piracy in India as a reason. Its a sad day for me personally since I was one of the biggest fans of Flyte. I dont know what to do to buy legal music in India now. damn
update: On that note, today will be dedicated to hunting down old and nice Hindi music and downloading the damn thing.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sikkim's south east corner

me and T went to Sikkim's south east corner last month (Rumtek). For 6 days we trekked in the hills around Gangtok. As a town Gangtok itself is grubby and to be avoided by all nature lovers. The hills around it are magnificent and the air's great for walking even in summer. It rained sometimes but not so much as to bother us in any of our "us" activities.  It was a long deserved break from the kids. Its great that our parents agreed on taking care of the kids back home. Here's a gerat collage of the pictures from the trip.

The lake's called Tsongo and the ride up there was quite an experience. Camera: My trusty old Nikon D3100