Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stockholm in November 08

I was in Stockholm in November 08 from 1 to 15. This was the first time I was consulting Banking division on technical topics. the trip was uneventful and mostly work only. We were located at a place called Sollentuna aand the office was 15 minutes by taxi at a place called Kista.

Monday, October 6, 2008

अक्टूबर मधले लाइफ

सध्या काही ख़ास होत नसल्या मुले बोरे जालो आहे जरा। रेमिन्ड्स में ऑफ़ थिस फोटो फ्रॉम केरला ट्रिप. I am thinking of what to do next. Big time cross roads. पोट सुत्तला आहे आणि आयुष्य स्लो जाला आहे जरा। विचार करून करून पण दमलो आहे अता। वेटिंग फॉर व्हाट विल हप्पें नेक्स्ट।

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jönköping trip

Ashwin's colleague Anders graciously invited us to stay the weekend with his family in Jönköping. This was the first time we were going to stay with a Swedish family and I was really looking forward to it. We drove down Jönköping with Anders on Friday about 300 kms from Malmo. Its a small town, the 9th largest in Sweden with about 125,000 inhabitants, in the county of Småland which is charecterized by gently rolling hills topped with dense coniferous forests. The landscape is really stunning, so thickly wooded. Its a steep little town with pretty houses perched on the slopes of the hill around the lake Vättern. And what view from the house, man!!! Can't believe they wake up to that view every day !!

Anders and his wife, Camilla have 2 children Ellen and Jonathan, 2 cuties who were a lot of fun & quintessentially Swedish- blonde, blue eyed. Jonathan took a fancy to Ashwin and stuck to him all through the stay. I don't think its ever happened before :-). The family really went out of the way to entertain us, taking us out around the area, then to their summer house. Especially the ever enthusiastic Anders, a coffee lover. He even owns his own coffee machine and was churning out great cups of cappuchinos for us.

We, first visited Gränna, a town with traditional old houses and numerous candy factories which attracts a lot of tourists. Saturday is "candy day"for the children in Sweden, so the town was full of tourists, the old and the young variety alike!!

The summer house was very very charming, in a very picturesque setting - by a peaceful lake and in a thick forest of pine trees and nearly no one around. We both wished we had one. The Swedes really know how to live!

A traditional Swedish house or a summer house for that matter is always a red-painted cottage with white borders. Anders' was really well built, it had everything.

He also had a raft ! We sailed on the tranquil lake just before it started pouring. That ride with thick connifers lining the banks was so so peaceful.. and so still.. as if nothing was moving around us. It felt like some remote island when it was actually just 15 mins from the town.

Had a barbecue for dinner in all that rain- grilled salmon ! Went down well and fast with Ashwin, for sure !!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

स्वीडन मधला ऑफिस

मालमो, स्वीडन मधे ऑफिस आहे आमचे, सग्ल्यान्ना छोटी रूम आहे, मी गेस्ट टेबल वर बसायचो, गर्दी खुप कमी असल्या मुले काम करायला मजा आली. शांता वातावरण
आणि मोकले डेस्क अजुन आठवतात क्लेअर्ली. तीन महीने होतो मी इथे.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweden road trips Part II

Another long weekend, so needless to say another road trip !! The occasion- Midsummers celebration on 20th and 21st June when the whole of Sweden is out partying. I think we are on a mission to go completely broke!But if the last trip felt worth it, this one felt even more overwhelmingly so !

We started out with a plan to visit Goteborg in the southwest, 2nd largest city in Sweden. And as they say the journey matters more than the destination, it held true for us. We loved the drive and everything in betweens starting from the cute cafe we had breakfast at, the landscape, the sights- everything! We left the mostly flat with huge lush fields region of Skane and entered the sometimes hilly with tall trees and sometimes rocky terrains of Halland county of Goteland region.

Near Varberg, we visited World War I radio station
at Grimeton. Its the only such long wave radio station left in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sadly, it was closed.

Then a last minute decision landed us ;unknowingly; in the midst of a big mid-summers celebration. We got off the highway to visit Tjoloholms castle and had no idea that there was a big party on on the grounds there and we even unsuspectingly paid the entry fee thinking it was for the castle.

But it was fun. Amongst a sea of Swedish white country folks with families, here were two strangers roaming around not knowing where they were!! The castle was beautiful and the view of the sea behind it was breath-taking.

We landed in Goteborg at 3 was raining,we were famished and in a not so very good mood . So there was nothing going for the town. Its supposedly beautiful, but us being in no mood to explore, we started back, which is a pity really.

The area of Osterlen, particularly Simrisham was something straight out of a book. It was picture-perfect. Cobbled-stoned streets, pretty harbour and quaint pastel coloured houses that I have so come to love! In fact, I can't get enough of them and keep clicking almost every house much to the irritation of Ashwin

Quite near to Simrishamn is Stenshuvud National Park with stunning views, splendid trails and surreal beach. Well, the beach, don't even know where to start. Surreal, that is the only word coming to my mind. Maybe because I haven't seen a sight like this in India - deep blue sea, golden sand and hardly anyone around.

On Sunday, we started out for Kulla peninsula on top of Helsinborg even though it was dull day with a grey cast ominous sky. Yet we were lucky. It rained only whenever we were in the car. First stop, Kullaberg Nature reserve. There are some 11 caves here and great opportunity to go diving, caving, fishing, rock climbing, fishing, golfing and hiking. We took the last option- hiking. Kullen lighthouse, is considered the brightest in Sweden.

The entrance to the reserve is through the tiny fishing village of Molle which has houses perched on its steephill and a small harbour. The weather was kind to us and we could enjoy lunch there.

Sweden road trips Part I

Can it be that you put Ashwin and a long weekend together, and not have a road trip !!! So, off we went discovering the region of Skane in an Octavia. Skane is pretty much flat and full of huge lush green fields and its beautiful. We had 3 days from 7th to 8th of June and started with the southern area. We decided to skip the expressway and took the scenic route marked on the map. First day- Ystad !

Ystad with its pretty houses, cobbled streets and half-timbered houses had us mesmerized. I thought it to be straight out of a picture post-card. What could be more beautiful? Or so I thought before I saw more of Sweden later. For some reason, it was completely deserted. There were just us and some senior citizen tourists roaming the pedestrian streets. Guess it being the national day holiday and brig
ht and sunny to top it, the Swedes were out on some beach. Well, we liked it all the more.

We visited Ales Stenar, Swedish stone henge in Kaseberga which is a short distance from Ystad. Its on a cliff and the view of the sea next to it is stunning.

Next day, bright and early, we started north to the town of Helsingborg. This time we decided to stick to the highway and got there real fast. Its a pretty coastal town with a harbour and the Danish town of Helsingor in view across the sea. There are ferries takingyou across. We lingered long enough for lunch and we were off again- this time looking for Soderasen National Park which is nearby.

I think we were not quite expecting what we experienced at Soderasen National Park. Which is why it had us completely bowled over. Firstly, its really big and really green! Then it had hiking trails all over it. Since, we'd had a good lunch and lots of energy, what just started as a stroll in the park ended up in a solid 8 kms hike. And I have never enjoyed a trek as much ever in my life. I think thats because everything was just perfect and in place- beautiful weather, lots of green around, full stomach and a great trail.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

लागू आणि आम्ही लोहोगड मार्गे

मी आणि सारंग आणि तृप्ति आणि नेहा लोहोगडावर गेलो होतो काही वर्शन पूर्वी। माला वाटत नाही की आता त्यांचा पैकी कोणी चढू शकेल आता।

Women's Football in Malmo

we chanced upon this match between the local cub LDB and some other club. I was sneezing most of the time but the weather was perfect.

Friday, May 23, 2008

empty road near Amboli, Kolhapur apr 07

When travelling we always use Baba's car. the honda city auto... its the best easy to drive and easy on the petrol.
This picture shows a small laid back road near Amboli near Kolhapur. We walked a lot in these forests.
There was just me and Trupti as usual on this trip also. Most of our friends have little or no time for such idle passtimes; only me and T seem to have plenty of time for all such trips.
We have travelled on such trips at least 4 to five times a year since our marriage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Torups Forest

After a week of non-stop runny nose cos of pollen allergy, Ashwin decided to take it head on and visit the beech forest Torups, 15 kms from Malmo on Sun 18th. We expected the worst and what do you know !! nothing happened to him there !!

It was heavenly. They have these walks from 2 kms to 10 kms marked and you could take whichever one you fancy; depending ofcourse upon you energy levels !!(which you could replenish at the cafe there!) Anyway, for me, it was just out of this world!! Beautiful weather, thick woods,and my man for company!! I just love being in places like these. I feel so peaceful and excited at the same time ! forget it! I can't explain it !! I could've walked in there the whole day. But, I had a recovering patient with me,. So had to turn back !!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lund sweden

mau tar farach khush hoti

Monday, May 12, 2008

Malmo in full bloom

We're in Malmo, Sweden for 3 months starting May. The city's in full bloom, it being spring time now. Ashwin's got a brand new haristyle for this trip. Co-incidentally, everyone around here sports the same look !!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

पहिली मराठी ब्लॉग एंट्री - पेरियार होटल

आम्ही पेरियार्ला पोचलो तेव्हा तिथे खुप पूस चालू होता, तृप्ति होटल वाल्यंशी खुप भांडून भांडून कीमती खली अनाय्ची,
हा व्यू आमचा होटेल्चा मागचा बालकनी मधला आहे।
पेरियार ला आम्ही २ दिवस होतो। तेव्हा पर्यन्त खुप हिंडून जाला होता केरला मधे। घराची ओढ़ लागली होती जरा.

Goa and a charming girl

I found Trupti in a good mood inspite of a warm night with some mosquitoes bothering us in Hotel Belo Horizonte in Miramar beach, Panji.
The simple arched architecture of the building impressed me to quite and extent. The out paint was a simple white and borders of green. The street beyond was kind of quiet inspite of being just 5 minutes from the Panji city center.
We were on a longer trip down south to Kerala and Goa was just a stop over that time.
This picture was taken in November of 05'

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trupti roaming in Copenhagen

September 07
Trupti was haing a great time roaming around Copenhagen. She was a like a woman on a mission to walk every single road and garden in the Danish capital city.

Pensive in periyar lake

We were in a ferry inside the lake in Periyar wildlife sanctuary. we saw some very nice views of the jungle but no animals.
Plus one of the tourists threw a plastic bag in the water and Trupti got the blame for it. This picture was taken in Nov 2006

Squash, if not played correctly

A few months back, I happened to play sqaush and this was the outcome one evening. I also am thankful that our eyes are located inside sockets and so most of the impact was taken by the nose bone and cheek bones on either side.
Luckily I was back at work in a couple of days although I was seeing everything in cinemascope.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coorg in December

Me and Trupti travelled to Coorg in Dec 2007 and here's an intresting picture from there. Its our third road trip. I'll follow up with more pics from Rajasthan, Kerala, Copenhagen and Norway soon.