Thursday, December 31, 2009

last post of 2009

This year is summed up:
1. Pumpaa had a miscarriage
2. I dabbled around with management in Tieto for the first time.
3. Some long and short trips to Finland
4. Learnt professional management courses
5. Learnt professional technical courses.
6. My department in Tieto is probably shutting down. Have to look for a assignment myself.
7. A very memorable trip to helsinki/Stockholm with Pumpaa.
8. Pumpaa has tested positive with twins 2 weeks back.
9. AS every single year ending entry has been, I do not know what to do next and where I am heading. Its horrible when you are a person who knows not where to go.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

helsinki and Stockholm in October 09

एक महिना मी आणि तृप्ति हेलसिंकी आणि stockholm मधे राहून आलो. फार सुन्दर होता असा तृप्ति च आहे.

अणि अत तर तिची ड्रॉप ची वेळ अली आहे. माला तर जरा कुचु कुचु होतय. एक दोन फोटोस इथे ताकतों. काल नेहा च मुलाचा बरसा होता. नाव इशान ठेवला आहे.