Monday, July 2, 2012

importance of HTML5

In today's world its become hard to bet on any one technology on the client devices. The world loves iOS and Android on mobiles and tablets, loves Windows 7, Mac on desktops today. In the next year there will be a untested new Windows 8 and windows 8 RT with a different chipset. Who knows but Chrome OS might catch on in some places. Developing dedicated client programs or apps that are too far tied into any of these proprietary APIs is a risk I believe. Having a OS friendly native skin on top a core HTML5 app seems to be like the best bet for a new entrant as of today. Companies like my current employer bet the farm on Windows specific .Net client applications might just find themselves locked out of future innovative devices. Like for example if suddenly a potential customer wants a big support for iPads and Android tablets along with the future Windows RT "tablets". Then many of our current gen solutions are rendered not usable. Having said that, at least from now onwards when large investments are made, this should be kept in mind and a safe and generic approach of HTML5 should be adopted.
Time will tell if my stance is vindicated.