Monday, January 9, 2012

you know you are a father of twins when....

1. Weekdays in office seem more attractive than weekends
2. You step on random sharp objects lying on the floor and hardly seem to notice
3. Having children seems extremely over-hyped.
4. You wake up in the middle of the night, feed some baby, go back to sleep and have no recollection of this in the morning.
5. Sleep beats sex.
6. Sex is a vague recollection from the past anyways.
7. Random people telling you how lucky you are, seems to get silent murderous thoughts in your mind.
8. Things lying all over the house are best left there.
9. Occasionally you meet some domestic help whom you have never seen before or heard of.
10. You wish you wouldn't have fought with your parents.
11. You are willing pay anyone for taking the kids away for a few minutes.
12. Only a persistent strong cry from a baby gets you up from bed. Minor ones are ignored altogether.
13. Your social engagements are limited to various weekly pediatrician visits.
14. You newly discover what kind of stuff is on TV at 2:30 am.
15. All those smiling photos with the twins are a mere smokescreen for friends and family