Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The fake IPL player blog

This has been one of the most entertaining things I have seen lately. Someone has dreamt up this idea to impersonate a fake IPL player of the Kolkata team. Its caught on like wildfire.

Monday, April 27, 2009

All about the future

Since when have I come all about the future. There was a time when I was all about the present. And now I have become to well planned that I have no time to actually live today. When I was a child I did not even think about the next minutes simply because I did not know what time means anyways.When i was in college I expanded my horizons and started to think about the next few months when exams were coming up or when big football matches were happening.
After college I being a slow expander did not think about the future more than what I in 1 day in my new job. I did not see any future in that job. In fact I did not have the ability to see future anyways.
I quit 5 jobs; doing the 6th now. Now I have changed. I have woken up to the future. And that is very bad; not the future but the thought of the future. Because the future cannot be predicted still while its very much possible trying to speculate about it. I have woken up to worrying about the future. I always missed it in my life. And now I have it. And now that I have it, I dont want it anymore. I want to get rid of it.
everything is all about the future. Up above is a picture of a brooding girl.

This picture is taken on Helsinki airport, no no its Frankfurt next to a classic Piagio Vespa scooter. Look at my face. I have stopped living in the now. My face is always whats happening next. When will I write my book if I only speculate about when will I write my first book?