Tuesday, May 27, 2008

लागू आणि आम्ही लोहोगड मार्गे

मी आणि सारंग आणि तृप्ति आणि नेहा लोहोगडावर गेलो होतो काही वर्शन पूर्वी। माला वाटत नाही की आता त्यांचा पैकी कोणी चढू शकेल आता।

Women's Football in Malmo

we chanced upon this match between the local cub LDB and some other club. I was sneezing most of the time but the weather was perfect.

Friday, May 23, 2008

empty road near Amboli, Kolhapur apr 07

When travelling we always use Baba's car. the honda city auto... its the best easy to drive and easy on the petrol.
This picture shows a small laid back road near Amboli near Kolhapur. We walked a lot in these forests.
There was just me and Trupti as usual on this trip also. Most of our friends have little or no time for such idle passtimes; only me and T seem to have plenty of time for all such trips.
We have travelled on such trips at least 4 to five times a year since our marriage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Torups Forest

After a week of non-stop runny nose cos of pollen allergy, Ashwin decided to take it head on and visit the beech forest Torups, 15 kms from Malmo on Sun 18th. We expected the worst and what do you know !! nothing happened to him there !!

It was heavenly. They have these walks from 2 kms to 10 kms marked and you could take whichever one you fancy; depending ofcourse upon you energy levels !!(which you could replenish at the cafe there!) Anyway, for me, it was just out of this world!! Beautiful weather, thick woods,and my man for company!! I just love being in places like these. I feel so peaceful and excited at the same time ! forget it! I can't explain it !! I could've walked in there the whole day. But, I had a recovering patient with me,. So had to turn back !!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lund sweden

mau tar farach khush hoti

Monday, May 12, 2008

Malmo in full bloom

We're in Malmo, Sweden for 3 months starting May. The city's in full bloom, it being spring time now. Ashwin's got a brand new haristyle for this trip. Co-incidentally, everyone around here sports the same look !!