Monday, December 24, 2012

wrap up of 12' - NW Karnatak & east Goa

Our babies grew fast. they are real kids now. demanding even more attention and causing more raucous at home and school. Last month we got them admitted to the Millennium school which has fees which only the uber rich can pay. which means one of the two: either I am uber rich or I am downright crazy. Anyway whats done is done.
In nov me and the wife had some nice days off in Karnatak/Goa area. we went to a place called the Hermitage resort. and then to a hotel Dudhsagar resort. both beautiful places. but Trupti had some of her clothes stolen in dughsagar resort (?!). She's been whining about some lost skirt ever since.

In both places we found a lot of time to relax and take a moment away from the heavy lifting of twins at home.

Travel in general was restricted to either Panchgani to our favourite Prospect Hotel owned by the very nice and professional Iranis or the corporate resort style "the meadows" resort in Aurangabad. That trip was back in August or July or something like that. again 4 days of sheer laid back beer, swim, sun and s. Not a bad year for someone with twins below 2.
Bye bye 12'. Hope that 13' too rings a lot of travel and new interest. what's up on 13'? It has to the rann of kutchh of course. for too long and too lengthy I have only talked about it. time for action.