Friday, April 20, 2012

Nokia.... ah, dear old Nokia

My genuine thoughts about the mobile phones I so dearly loved once upon a time.

Nokia should not have forgotten that making phones with beautiful designs is what it was always good at, in addition to producing them cheap and good after sales support. I hoped the Lumia 800 would have come out with a Android skin, I would definitely have considered it. Because I still trust their hardware more than Samsung or chinese knock-offs like Micromax (I use micromax now). But forcing me to learn and adapt a new OS and that too not open source is simply asking for too much. In the case of Windows mobile, everything updates from Zune and syncs only if you have a windows OS or Mac. No support for linux(ubuntu(mint :-) )) which i use for the past 4 years and am very happy with. So its no different than the iTunes madness that I initially ran away from. So I want the hardware and dont want the software on it. Android isnt all that great, but its very easy for me to understand and connect and customize. Also it does not force me into silly jails like iTunes or Zune.

I really wish Nokia would start making android phones with their legendary quality and userfriendly menus. they could keep WP as an option as well for better hedging.

[update June 18]: Nokia is in a spiral like no other. People are doubting where it will be sold by next year. I still maintain Nokia was best off with Android and a class-apart hardware designs of their own. damn.